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Résumé: Graphic Art & Page Layout

Though I am retired from teaching technology for 25 years, I graduated from college with BFA degree in art and education, and taught art for several years before leaving to raise our children. I have 35+ years of experience in computer graphics and design, including 35+ years of freelance work doing page layout and  web design. I started as a graphic designer with a local publisher, Allen D. Bragdon, Publishers, Inc., working on American Pastimes, a nationally-marketed craft-continuity program for Field Publications.


Cover, American Pastimes binder (a set of 2 binders)

Following the completion of the American Pastimes project, I  worked as a graphic artist and art director for Addison & Associates, an award-winning Cape Cod advertising agency, from 1989-1992, and have maintained a freelance relationship with that agency.

After returning to teaching in 1992, I also continued to work with Allen Bragdon as a freelance designer on projects for Watson Guptill, Bullfinch, and Allen Bragdon's own Brainwaves Books®, published by Barnes & Noble and Walker.

Crafts books by Allen D. Bragdon Publishers, Inc.:

Below is a list of some books and other projects for which I did the design, page layout and graphics, or I helped with updates and revisions.​

Allen D. Bragdon Publishers, Inc.

Brainwaves Books® & Projects:


Front page of an issue of The Curious Mind newsletter


Sales piece for Allen D. Bragdon's Handcrafts Library


Brainwaves Books sales brochure, 11" x 17", folds to 8.5" x 3.75"

Brochure for Orleans, MA, Chamber of Commerce
2009 Christmas in Orleans brochure,  Final size: 11" x 17", folds to 8.5" x 3.75"

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