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Web Design

In the late 1990s, I created my first website, working as a freelance artist for an ad agency. Since then I have worked on a number of sites for a variety of businesses and organizations. Some are sites designed by others that I implemented; others are my own design and development.

As mobile-friendly sites are more important and managing one's own site is a higher priority, I have moved to working with clients to develop sites online at Weebly and, more recently, at Wix. I am able to quickly create the necessary graphics, set up customized forms or slide shows, etc. You can then easily update the site when you need to make changes, or I can update it for you. Most of the sites in the list below were created at; some were created at This site was created in Wix and is based on another site I have that was created at Weebly. Both were designed to look the same to show variations and similarities between the two platforms

​If you would like to develop a web presence or update an existing site, please contact me and I can help you achieve your goal.

Below are links to some of the sites I have designed, revised, or collaborated on.

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